Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gon Out Backson, Bisy Backson

No, I am not usually a very busy fellow at work, rather, I like to be on the ball and avoid the necessity to work late. But exigencies do arise and I have not been able to publish any new posts in the last four weeks or more. And there are many posts in the making, quite a few almost done. I want to be out soon with the Madras Hunt Map and then with a post on the wonderful views of the Neilgherries by Stephen Ponsonby Peacocke. Then thre is Mukund Murty returning with a Vengeance in addition to quite a few more that I have partly or mostly written.

And now I am travelling, for the next two weeks or so. Hope to catch up around or after Christmas. Meanwhile, here is a lovely litho by Stephen Peacocke, of the Bearer's Godown at the Avalanche ( a place, not a landslide) in the Neilgherry Hills of South India, drawn between 1835 - 40 and published in London 1847. One of sixteen such riveting views by this artist.

More on Peacocke and his Neilgherry views later, let me now extend to you all the compliments of the Season.

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Andrew said...

Dear Mr Swami, I was informed of your blog by my cousin, Mary Winter and was amazed to learn of the existence of Stephen Peacocke lithographs in India. I inherited a couple as I am one of the many New Zealand descendents of S P Peacocke. I'll be interested to learn more from your research. Regards, Andrew Peacocke